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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 71:
"Skirmish rework and fixes"

1)Orient Instance
*Increased all monster level by 5

2)Full Moon Event
*Fixed boss not spawning
*Added 1 extra spawn 1 minute after the first one for the upcoming Saturday and Sunday

3)Skirmish Area
*The original intent for the Area was to offer a FFA zone where people can PVP privately and be able to fight against their leaguemates without changing factions.
Sadly we were not able to achieve this at first and the area remained unused my the majority of the playerbase.
It was so unused that we didn't even notice it not working for the past few months as no one was trying to use it.

With this reworked are we:
1. Making the Skirmish Area work again
2. Separing the Area into 2 different modes

First mode is FFA, players can enter and join a PK faction, making them attackable by everyone. In this mode you can use all portals and revive at any factions Totem, PK mode is disabled once you exit the area
Second mode is Faction, players can pvp based on the faction they enter from, works entirely like the Skirmish Area we know now

After much trial and error in some free time i had between updates on Zone 2 and 3, i have finally managed to pull of a FFA PVP AREA.
Thanks to this there might be events or other systems that can benefit.

Hope you enjoy the new change


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