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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 72:
"Catch up mechanics, Angel Invoices rework, extended Skirmish Area and much more new things await you"

1)Full Moon Event
*Fixed spawn time being 1 hour late

2)Outpost Battlefield
*Sentinel Angel in all main cities will now offer Angels a choice between the old Faction PVP area and the new FFA area
*In this new area Angels can PVP in unlimited numbers in a FFA style PVP

3)Angel Invoices
*The Badges sold by Bao Clerk will now be 3 Levels, you can upgrade from the Vip1 to Vip2 to Vip3 Badge.
Unlike before badges are now Permanent, due to that change they also are a bigger investment.
Stats for the 3 VIP Badges have been adjusted. Vip 3 is now as powerful as the Angel Arena 3-4 Badge, Vip 2 is as powerful as Piglet and Vip 1 is there to look cute
*Bao Clerk will now offer a new item [VIP PD Ticket] that allows you to exchange it for a nice pair of Permanent Wing PD
*Ticket Angel is now VIP Angel, the old rewards for RNG Invoices have been removed and replacement with Achievements you can obtain.
The Achievements work similar to Green Angel, so read carefully before submiting Invoices by mistake.

*Exchanges for both types of Knifes will no longer be per expansion, but all in 1 big exchange to make it easier to find mounts
*Added new Orient Rides to the exchanges

5)Instance Clerk
*Orient - added new Mounts and Producer Set

6)Order Manager
*Added new Robots
*Added Orient Power Oil and Exotic Feed

7)Daily Manager
*Added the Dailies for all Expansions
*Added a new Function giving players a Quest that upon completing will Finish the entire Main Quest at once
*Added a new Item [Philosopher Stone] that will allow you to skip the Main Quest, even without doing the above Quest

8)Item Mall
*Added Orient Treasures Bag
*Added 185 Production Set Bag
*Producer: Recipe 2 Bag - increased droprates
*Piglet Lucky Bag - changed drops
*Producer Robot Lucky Bag - added new robots
*Added 200s Weapons and Armors for sale
*Added Level 195 Ride Bag
*Added Warlock Pet Bag
*Added Kitty Pet Bag
*Added Party Boss: Orient
*Added Philosopher Stone
*Added new Fashions

*Rigor foods will now give Attack Speed
*Agility foods will now give movement speed
*Elemental foods will now be capped at 20 ele def and give HP after level 21 as a difference
*Added Swift Trinket for Orient
*Added 205 Ride
*Orient Instance will now have additional drops added to craft the new Swift Trinket and 205 Ride
*Bao Clerk will exchange old Piglet Rides for a new Swift Scroll that replaces the old Wind Scroll
!!! Please Exchange all OLD Piglet Rides before they are DELETED from the game !!!
*Fixed Phoenix rides visual
*Catch Up items will be for level 220 and below
*Fixed some Order names and items being wrong

10)Green Angel
*Updated items in the exchange

*Warlock pet is a universal buff pet that has all needed buffs in 1 Pet, this pet will not be obtainable for F2P players and only obtainable from the Item Mall

12)Angel Arena
*Ride PD has been changed for a Sonic Scroll

13)Login Rewader
*Added 2 new Body PD

*Fixed many broken quests across the game

15)Producer Rates
*Rates for level 180 and below items have been adjusted to
10% S class for Armors
5% S class for Other

Rates above 181 remain
1% S class for Armors
0.5% S class for Other

*Added Super Owner of a Luxurious House
*Added Pet's Training Expert - 240
*Added Tamer - Kitty
*Added new tab in Events -> Money Bag with 3 exclusive Achievements

17)Totem Battle
*Moved Saturday war +1 hour as it was moved after Host Change

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