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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 79:
"Silversnow Expansion is here"

1)Level Cap
*Increased to Level 260

*Silversnow Maps are open
*You can view the expansion in the world map Alt+M and Teleport from the Angels Go! menu
*Main Quest has been open
*Quest Manager Main Quest Skip and Daily are added for Silversnow
*Leveling Guide 230 Exp and Skill Exp stones added
*Rebalanced All Normal Map and Instance Monster/Bosses Difficulty + Rewards

3)Item Mall
*Added Enhacement Stone
*Updated Robot and Producer Set Lucky Bags
*Updated Rune Bags
*Updated Weapon/Armor/Ride Bags

*Updated EXP rates on all Events - Dailies/HBS/Ball/Farm/AE

*Added Quests/Level/Hunt
*Added a new level for Reputation

*Increased Crafting rates up to level 210, 220 are endgame

*Updated Instance Clerk with Silversnow tab
*Updated Scroll to Potent from all Sources
*Updated Hammers to 22-star from all Sources

*Added a fix to long quest descriptions

*Descpritons will now say if the Item Obtained is Untradeable

*With Silversnow we are moving to the new Endgame Progression
*Players going into the expansion are expected to wear 195p/205p items x10
*Difficulty of monsters is made to be cleared by people level 230, 195p-205p items pimped
*You can obtain a full 215p Weapon + Set for a few days of farming and don't worry you can also get all the 210-219 Gems and 21-Star Hammers for Silversnow Crystals
*Bosses on the Normal maps are tuned to be killed from people with pimped 205p or 215p Items
*Drops from bosses consist of Scrolls/S Class/Prod Recipe/Instance Tokens/Boss V/Runes
*To obtain a level 225p set of Items, you need x1 S class of the same type of item, 100m Gold, 35-70 Instance Tokens
*What do i get from the Instance ? Monsters can drop Potions + Silversnow Crystals, Bosses have a chance to drop Swift Trinket/225 Ride/Instance Backpack + Low chance for Melee/Spell V Voucher and Arcane Scrap, bosses won't drop anything if you don't get lucky
*Difficulty of the Bosses is set for Buffed up, 215p x11 items players with pet buffs and max stats
*Monsters are balanced to die fast, but hit hard, this solves Issues we had in Orient where Monsters had Medium Damage and Medium HP, resulting in high AOE - high Sustain classes only being viable to clear fast, with the new approach, you can clear almost as fast as an Assassin/Spear/Bow with a PVP build vs Mage/Axe PVP/PvE builds
*Where do i obtain Instance Tokens ? First place is from Map Bosses, they have about a 5% chance to drop 1, second place is Silversnow Daily it offers a great deal of Exp,Credits,Gold and 30 Instance Tokens
*Due to the new system of obtaining items, we are limiting 225p to be untradeable until the end of the expansion, this way everyone can obtain the gear, without too much farming and in a fair playing field, it is perfect for both casual and hardcore players, AG users and F2P

*Go Green has been buffed a lot to help with PVP Balancing and to stop the 1 combo meta
*In Silversnow we are aiming for even mage vs mage, melee vs melee, mage vs melee to take at minimum 2 combos and all the way up to 5 combos, making PVP more dynamic and unpredictable
*Wedding buff will no longer give Stats, it will now give X2 Exp, Skill, Droprate
*Wedding Quest can now be skipped by talking to the NPC 2 times and instantly getting married at Church
*Many small changes have been made to spells to fit the new Meta
*Silversnow offers many iconic Spells to the game, rebalanced to fit our new Meta and improve the fun of all Classes
*Yet again we have strived to make all Builds Viable, but even if they are viable on paper, doesn't mean that the skill of the players are the same, when trying out a new build, make sure to give it some time and thought, make sure you are using the skills in the correct order and using the correct skills


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