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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 81:
"Christmas Events, Balance Improvements, System reworks and more"

*Angel Gold rate will have a 10% bonus on-top of the base rate during the period December 22 to January 5th

*Happy New Year December 31 to January 1st NPC's will appear in AL and you claim some rewards
*Anniversary - Due to the past issues we had skipped celebration the 2 Year anniversary of AOPVP2, Anniversary Angel has appeared in Angel Lyceum and you can claim some freebies until December 28th
*Romeo and Juliet - Event re-run for the holidays, get your powerful badges now
*Atlantis Events - Event re-run get those achievements and new additional rewards
*Xmas Flame - Christmas Event with new updated rewards

3)House System
*Rewards for joining a Ball have been reworked
*You now have a chance to obtain a House Candy (Permanent), exclusive Fashions, House Currency
*House Currency can currently only be exchanged for the NEW House Boss
*House Bosses have been reworked and streamlined, you will now have only 1 powerful boss, meant to be handled by an endgame party
*Boss has 2 Drops per kill and you can get one of the following:
Golden Sugar - used to upgrade Candy Buff
MBC, ABC, Soap, Lux Egg, Pet Feed, 30 Day Furniture
*Old House bosses have been removed from the Shops, you can obtain the new Boss only from joining Balls or Item Mall

4)Item Mall
*New High Fruits have been added
*New Christmas PD/Ride PD have been added
*New Christmas Stocking Furniture (Permanent) Egg has been added
*New Christmas Lucky Bag has been added with 2 new Items:
Miny Candy Cane - used to upgrade Party Candy, can also be dropped from Frost Queen in Silversnow

5)Login Rewarder
*New Body PD added

6)Instance Clerk
*Fixed wrong price of 210-219 Runes

*Armored Demon - Increased HP, SA, SD - Reduced Attack Speed, Critical
*Bear Soul - Stun Chance 8/10/12/15/20 -> 6/8/10/12/15
*Hurt Recovery - Will now stack like before
*Strangle Strike - now instant cast
*Remove Magic - Mana Drain 100% -> 70/75/80/85/90, NEW attacking a target that is Blinded will result in a 100% chance to hit it
*Divine Attend - Proc Limit 2 -> 3
*Daimon Shield - now Instant Cast, Shield 12000,14400,16800,20400,28000 -> 20000,26000,32000,38000,48000
*Arcane Burst - now Instant Cast
*Mental Stimulation - now Instant Cast


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