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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 83:

1)Olympus Tower
*Floor 9 and the Boss of the Floor have been enabled
*Floor 9 currency has been added
*New Olympic Trinkets
- The new Trinkets will only be 2, instead of 6-10 upgrades
- You will now need an increased amount of S class Items from 1 to 3 and more gold 1b to 2b
- Stats offered from the trinkets reflect the new price

2)Arena Clerk
*Added Recovery Notice

3)Item Mall
*On Sale - Added new Trinket-Lucky Bag
- This is a similar style of Lucky Bag to the Christmas one
- You can obtain a Power Trinket, which is basically the final OT trinket, but it still has a level requirement
- The other type of Trinket is Swift, it is just an upgrade to the last Swift Trinket, there is no alternative way of obtaining this item
*Pet - Added Queena Pet Bag
- The new pet has very high stats from the get go and it the strongest pet you can obtain for both PVP/PVE and equiping for Stats, there is no alternative way to obtain this item

4)Bao Clerk
*A new type of item Skill: Level Voucher is instroduced
- This new item is available only by opening certain bag in the Item Mall and it meant to speed up the usage of Skill Voucher
- Instead of having to go over a thousand Skill Voucher, you can simply level all your currently equiped skills to a certain level
- After the max level of the stones, you will still need to gain Skill Exp
*Added a guaranteed but expensive way to get a House Candy
- If you are too unlucky and even after 100 Balls you cannot drop a House Candy, then get all those Memo's saved up and a big chunk of Gold and you can get it right away, of couse if you think it's overpriced, then just keep griding at it until it drops

*Snow Cufflink Trinkets
- The power of the spell effect has been nerfed, due to it being way too powerful on some classes
- The trinkets will still proc and do good damage on PVE, but not as often as before


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