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[Sys] AOPVP_ZONE2 update maintenance announcement!

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Patch Notes: Update 84:

1)League Terra
*Crashing Hillock - Tier 1
*South of Mirror Lake - Tier 1
*North of Mirror Lake - Tier 1
*Thunder Ruins - Tier 2
*Mysterious Wetland - Tier 2
*Quiet Vale - Tier 2
*Dragon Graveyard - Tier 3
*Thorn Wasteland - Tier 4

*Each Tier of Terra Provides access to an Exclusive League Area
*The higher the Tier of Terra, the more rewards
*Gold has been adjusted in all Terra Area's
*Monsters now have a chance to drop OT Tickets, higher Tier = higher chance
*Rewards for Terra Badges have been updated
*Rewards on Heaven General have been updated

2)Olympus Tower
*Can now only be accessed with 1 Day Tickets from the Item Mall or 30 Minute Tickets obtainable from League Terra
*All drops and droprates have been adjusted
*All exchanges have been adjusted
*Olympic Heart can now be found in the shopkeeper

3)Bao Clerk
*New VIP 4 Badge has been added

4)Login Rewarder
*New Body have been added

5)Item Mall
*New Pet Potions

*Time between uses on HP/MP Potions has been changed from 0.5s to 1s
*Queen's Cufflink Trinkets will again have an AOE effect on Proc (old 6) new 3, spell version increased proc chance from 2% to 4%

7)Teacher Fiona
*Event will end on March 5th and the NPC will leave AL on March 7th

8)Star Blessing
*Increased the values given from HP Runes


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